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    Post  rockinduck on Fri Jul 27, 2012 6:19 am

    Hi everybody, I'm Stefanie from Germany and I just found this forum here. Last September I started watching new Who for the first time. I still could kick myself for starting so late, I had 4 seasons of it plus specials lying around for months, and I got to the season with Donna by October - weeks after "Much Ado About Nothing" closed in London! A friend of mine even went there, but I was too late to the fandom. Aaargh!

    Anyway, since then I've been playing catch-up on all of the stars of Dr. Who, and I discovered just how much I love Catherine Tate. She is my absolute favourite companion (just like David Tennant is my favourite Doctor), but it's the same as with David: This DW season is my favourite, and yet Donna is not my favourite role of Catherine. I love the "Catherine Tate Show" even more! Brought back the DVDs (Seasons 1-3) when I went to London last month and have been flashed by her versatility!

    You see, we hardly get any of the cool British stuff on German TV. Not even Dr. Who until very recently (and that's only on pay TV so far), let alone the Catherine Tate show or Wild West or talk shows. So I'm extremely grateful for uploads of those shows on youtube. To be fair, when I like what I see that can be bought, I will buy it too, of course.

    Right now, I think I have seen most of what Catherine did so far, apart from a few films. What would make me extremely happy would be if she recorded an album, because I love when she does sing (and when it's not deliberately out of tune for comic effect)! "Sigh No More" is on endless repeat on my MP3 player.

    Apart from Dr. Who and what comes with it (haven't mentioned that it also introduced me to John Barrowman and that the reason for going to London last month was one of his concerts!), I love so much more British stuff - Monty Python (and what comes with it, like Neil Innes, Rutles, Bonzo Dog Band...), The Goodies, Terry Pratchett, Douglas Adams, Stephen Fry... I'm a complete anglophile!

    I look forward to learning even more new stuff about Catherine here and meeting other fans!

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